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Kachee Goliyan


As the first Pakistani online daily comic, Nofal Khan and Ramish Safa started Kachee Goliyan (KG) on June 3, 2011. It began as just an idea two 21 year old college friends came up with on their drives to university. Kachee Goliyan then emerged as Pakistan’s first mass-produced comic. While Khan manages the marketing side, Safa draws the cartoons for each of the comics. Kachee Goliyan follows two teenagers named JC and Sufi. Each comic focuses a peculiar situation the two have gotten in to and the journey they go through to find the solution. For example, in their first issue, JC and Sufi resurrect a legendary folk warrior to fight off an alien invasion. Khan and Safa briefly describe their characters as, “they defy gravity, have pointed fingers and dinner etiquette. They think vodka is a Saudi invention. They always start their sentences with they.” (Facebook)

Khan and Safa say the main purpose of their comic is to entertain and make people laugh. They also hope to encourage the use of comics as a means of expression and to grow the Pakistan comic following. They take pride in appealing to a mass audience and using simple language so that most people may understand their humor. The comics are posted and available to read in English, for free, on their Facebook page “Kachee Goliyan.” They plan to later translate their comics to Urdu to reach a wider audience. Kachee Goliyan has over 127,000 likes on their Facebook page only four years after the launch of their first comic. Khan and Safa are highly involved with their followers. They interact online and encourage them to create and post fan art. Khan and Safa also provide their fans with random updates on their own personal lives, keeping their followers interested. Kachee Goliyan was the first comic from Pakistan to be featured at the Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) in 2012. The Middle East Film & Comic Con is the only event for comic and entertainment fans in the Middle East.

Additionally, Kachee Goliyan (KG) is a design company in Pakistan. As a company they not only design and distribute comics online, but they publish them too. KG has around ten employees made up of writers, marketers, and volunteers. They evidently circulate their own comic Kachee Goliyan and also provide the same design and marketing services to others. They have established many partnerships and are actively searching for more.

H. E. Haines

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