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Banya: the Explosive Delivery Man


Banya: the Explosive Delivery Man is a Korean comic, also known as a manhwa that is written and illustrated by Kim Young-oh (1979-present). It currently is one of the top ten selling titles in all of Korea. Dark Horse Comics, an American comic book and manga publisher, issued the first volume of the series on September 20, 2006. The last volume of the five-volume manhwa series was issued less than a year later on September 19, 2007. The action and adventure series is printed in its original Korean form and is translated into English for readers. Kim Young-oh’s Banya: the Explosive Delivery Man is characterized as being filled with “tense battles, horrific villains and monsters, and perfectly-timed comedic moments (Dark Horse Comics).” Each volume consists of six to eight sections titled by Young-oh as an overview. The comics are directed towards ages 16 and older.

Banya: the Explosive Delivery Man is based on Banya, a young deliveryman from the Gaya Desert Post Office. The series explores Banya and his fellow deliverymen’s lives during a worldwide war between monsters and humans. The men’s slogan is “Fast. Precise. Secure,” and they make sure to complete their deliveries despite what occurs. Banya is recognized because of the risks he takes to keep his delivery record faultless.

In Banya: the Explosive Delivery Man Volume One, Banya’s journey consists of completing a wounded human soldier’s task of transporting a very important package. He does this along with his friends that include two other main characters named Mei and Kong. Mei is a female delivery woman and a childhood friend of Banya. She is known in the series for providing integrity for the delivery team. Kong is a young deliveryman who is notorious for supporting Banya, although he sometimes can be very naïve during their missions. In Banya: the Explosive Delivery Man Volume Two, Kong gets a chance to prove himself by completing a major delivery on his own while Banya works to free his friend Mei whom was captured by monsters. In Volume Three of the series, Kim Young-oh claims Banya has to face his greatest challenge yet. Banya is placed in the middle of battle between Torren, a cruel villain, and warrior-priests. To add to the horror, this fight takes place in a sacred temple. To make things even worse, Torren follows Banya into Banya: the Explosive Delivery Man Volume Four. In this edition Banya is tormented by many monster villains and must fight off many transfigured assassins. To end the action packed series, Banya is given his most important delivery in Volume 5. He must deliver Jiahn, a powerful summoner, to the Land of Death. If Jiahn does not make it to her destination an evil will be released into Gaya.

H. E. Haines

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