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Routledge Focus on Latina/o Pop Cultural Studies


This series publishes shorter length books (20,000 to 50,000 words) that analyze and make visible the variety and vitality of the presence and significant influence of Latinx in the US and beyond.

Books focus on the arts, architecture, music, film, TV, literature, comics, performance, dance, photography, sports, video games, and so much more.  Once scholarly manuscripts have been approved, books are published within 10-12 weeks.

Books in the series include: Cruz Medina’s Poch@ Pop ‘Cultural Traitor’ Resists Deficiency Rhetoric in Popular Culture; Christopher González and Frederick Luis Aldama’s Latinos in the End Zone; Ryan Rashotte’s Narco Cinema: Sex, Drugs, and Banda Music in Mexico’s B-Filmography; Camilla Fojas’s Border Securities: Migrant Labor and Crisis Capitalism; and Matthew Goodwin’s A History of Robots in Latino/a Science Fiction.

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